Thursday, November 5, 2009

19 Months Old

Caroline is 19 months old as of yesterday! I meant to do an 18 month post but time got away from me (seriously, how do the months fly by so fast?!?) so I'm doing a 19 month post instead. Here are a few things about Caroline at 19 months old:
She LOVES wearing my shoes. Any and all of my shoes. She wants to wear them all of the time. This is fun for me because I remember loving to wear my mom's shoes and playing dress-up in them. Looks like Caroline is starting to follow in my footsteps:

Caroline is quite the talker these days (we just don't always understand her :-) She is saying lots of two word phrases now. For awhile, the only two words she would say were "big poopoo" when she had a dirty diaper (real proud of that one). Now, she's putting more words together (too many to list). She only says one 3 word phrase right now: "Caca do it" Yes, she calls herself Caca (pronounced like the Spanish word). Hopefully, she will be able to say Caroline before Kindergarten!
Caroline is quite the cuddler if we put her lovie on our shoulder. She'll lay her head down and cuddle with us for a long time before and after bedtimes. We love it!
When she is eating something she loves or doing something fun, she says "appy, appy, appy" over and over (translation: happy, happy, happy) I love hearing that she is a happy girl.
Caroline seems to have a LOT of her daddy's personality. She is incredibly sweet and kind (when she's not throwing a tantrum, she gets those from my personality :-), introspective, sensitive, and cautious. Speaking of tantrums, those started around 18 months. I thought I had seen a tantrum before...boy, was I wrong! I think it's a mix of behavior and frustration about communication. I know it's normal for this age but it is challenging!!
Caroline's love for the Backyardigans has been replaced by a love of ALL things Dora. Songs, books, the show...she loves it all!
Miss Priss is a good little eater for the most part. Some days she wants nothing to do with her veggies and some days, she can't get enough of them. Her favorite foods right now are bananas, cheese, apples, chicken nuggets, and salmon.
If you sneeze around Caroline, she'll say "Bess oo" (Bless you :-)
She is still VERY attached to her comfort items: her baby and lovie blanket.
Two of her favorite things to do right now are climb, climb, climb on everything (especially if it's up a slide) and go on "nature" walks outside.
Caroline has 16 teeth...8 on top and 8 on bottom. She didn't get one tooth until she was 10 months old. So in a short 9 months, all of those 16 teeth have come in. Painful!
Another one of Caroline's favorite things to do is pretend to talk on my cell phone. Caroline will hold the phone up to her ear and say the following: "Yo? (Hello) Hey! Yeah! Ukay, ukay! Byeeeee!" Cracks us up every time.
She is obsessed with letters. Ever since we bought her this, Caroline can't get enough of the alphabet. She loves saying her letters, making their sounds, singing the alphabet, etc... She knows one color: blue (and everything is blue if you ask her). Caroline likes to count to 13 (with our help) but always leaves out 2 and 12...something about those twos :-)
18 Month Stats:
Weight--24 1/2 pounds (55th%)
Height--32 1/2 inches (75th%)
Head circumference--18 inches (25th%)
It's so exciting to see the little person Caroline is turning out to be. We love her so!!!

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Katie said...

She is so cute- love the pictures- you got a lot of great ones! Love her phrases too:) Welcome to the world of tantrums - yikes!
She is bigger than Will, it seems! Hope to see you all soon!