Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Celebration Part 2

Caroline was a pumpkin again for Halloween this year since her costume still fit her from last year. We started off our Halloween celebrating on Saturday by taking Caroline by Matt's parent's house and my mom's house. They loved seeing her all dressed up. It's fun that they get as excited about it as we do :-) Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics because my camera battery was dying.
Caroline prancing around at Grammie's house
In lieu of trick or treating this year (Caroline is still a little too young to get it), we went to a Halloween party at our good friend's, the Dallas', house. They always know how to throw a great party and we had a fun time eating delicious food and chatting with friends!
Caroline chillin' in her shades on the way to the party...what a cool pumpkin :-)
Eating fruit loops in the leaves b/c of course it makes sense to eat cereal in a big pile of leaves.
Roasting her own marshmallow...I realize that this might have been dangerous for your typical toddler. But not for my overly cautious daughter. She was perfectly content standing away from the fire to roast her marshmallow.
Eating smores...yum!
Kelly and Mae as "April Showers" and "May Flowers"...so cute!
Our friends, the Dunlaps, had a great costume. Amy was Mother Hubbard, baby Preston and sweet James were ducks, and Craig was a Goose...they were "Duck,Duck,Goose" :-)
The hosts of the night: Jason, Mae and Kelly
It was a happy Halloween!! Kelly, we look forward to another party next year ;-)

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Emily said...

I love the pumpkin in the sunglasses...