Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pics & A Video

Here are some cute close-ups of little miss priss:

Caroline's new thing this month is that she's TALKING!! Now, I use the word "talking" very loosely. Her first word was "dada"and this month she has added a few more "words" to her vocabulary: up ("pa" or "ba"), down ("duh" or "dow"), milk ("ma"), mama, dada, ball ("ba"), and duck ("duh" or sometimes she'll get the whole word right and include the ending of the word). Caroline can also identify her head, tummy, foot and/or toes, and sometimes her nose/mouth. Here is a video to show what she's been learning lately (make sure you turn up your sound b/c Caroline talks VERY softly...also, sorry it's so dark, I didn't have much light to work with):


Niki said...

The pics aren't there for some reason. Great video (even though it is dark)! Caroline has changed so much in only 3 weeks since we've seen her.

Travis and Andrea said...

I couldn't see the pictures but the video is great. I love how she did everything you asked...what a star. :)