Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Rainy Day

There are lots of fun things to do on a cold, rainy day while mommy satisfies some obsessive compulsive tendencies cleans the house. It's always fun to...
...make silly faces,

read all of my favorite books,

cuddle with my baby, crawl through my learning home,play with shapes,
eat a yummy lunch (goldfish, carrots, turkey & yogurt),

play with puzzles,

play some more with puzzles and call the cat a "duck" over and over b/c it's yellow :-),

pull up on everything in sight including the yucky diaper genie,

and last but not least, sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"!!
Mommy's Disclaimer...please read before watching video: Okay, this is the MOST embarrassing video I've posted so far (I say so far b/c I'm sure there will be more to come). Anyway, Caroline just started TRYING to do the motions for this song and I thought it was too cute of HER not to post. BUT, she'll only do it for some reason if I sing in this horrifying, high pitched voice. So please ignore my terrible terrible singing and just watch her (actually, you'll probably get a good laugh at my expense but that's okay :-) Anyway, Caroline loses interest halfway through but you get the idea. She has loved this song since she was born and it's fun to see her start to put some modified motions with it!! Oh, also, the reason why she stands at the door at the end and says "dada" over & over, is b/c she watches Matt do yard work or grill out in the backyard sometimes so she now thinks he should be out there ALL the time.


Reagan & Katie said...

Love it - so cute & love those bows she's always in - Miss Fashionista!

Ryan and Kate said...

Oh I love her and your singing voice! Too cute - she's so animated I love it!