Monday, March 16, 2009

More Fun with Friends!!

Lately, Caroline has had some more fun times with her friends. Today, my Watermark playgroup met at church in the "mat" room. It was so fun! The room is like a mini play gym and has all sorts of fun, cushy mats, slides, balls, etc... to safely play/crawl around/fall on. All the kids had a blast. I think we'll be making many more trips back to the mat room!!
Caroline loved playing with this "baw"
Pausing for a quick rest
Caroline and Dax
Sweet Brady
Hudson, taking a water break
Asher...this picture is so close up b/c he was trying to get my Dr. Pepper
Sitting with Parker (notice a trend??...Caroline was the only girl in our playgroup today :-)
Last Saturday, we had supper club at our house. All the baby girls were there (we missed you, James!!).
Saylor (9 weeks old), Mae (7 weeks old), and miss Caroline
"Maybe if I stick my hand in my mouth it will be easier NOT to touch the babies since I keep hearing "NO" everytime I reach my hand in there"

It sure is fun to play with friends!!!
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