Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

I love love love the Christmas season. It's by far my favorite!! So last weekend, we kicked off Christmas by taking Caroline to visit Santa. Some good family friends of ours own a florist shop, and they have Santa come visit the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you're ever in Dallas on that day, swing by McShan's with your kiddos and visit Santa (it's awesome...no crowds, no lines, and it's free). Anyway, I'm sure all of you can figure out how my sensitive daughter responded to the jolly man. She took one look at him and...
...cried and...
...screamed. Not good.
So I jumped in to save the day. I kept trying to explain to Caroline that this was the nice man who was going to bring her lots of presents but she didn't seem to get it.
Family pic with Santa. I love Caroline's face. Doesn't she look like we're torturing her (I guess we kind of were :)
Bruce McShan is a cowboy at heart and happened to have his horse there. This was Caroline's first time to see/pet a horse. She wasn't scared at all. I guess compared to Santa, a horse isn't so bad.
The inside of the florist shop is decorated beautifully. We decided to snap some pics.
"Can we take this hat off yet?!?"

After visiting Santa, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. My favorite Christmas tradition!
You could get lost in there!

This is the one!

All finished
We also helped Matt put up the lights on our house. Caroline liked this the best. First we checked all the lights to make sure they worked.
Then we went outside to play and keep Daddy company.

Just taking a little rest
Caroline could hardly move with all of her winter stuff on. She reminded me of the little brother in The Christmas Story (you know the one..."Ralpheeee, you'll shoot your eye out!")

We're very excited Christmas is here in the Krauss house!!
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The Smiths said...

Such cute pictures, Laura, but i can't believe you didn't make Matt wear a helmet on that ladder. Ha! just kiddin' (sort of). :)

Shannon said...

LOVE the pics! Caroline looks so cute in her Christmas outfits! I love the one of her with the lights (her little muffin top showing). Your tree is gorgeous!