Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday

We celebrated Caroline's 8 month birthday by going to the mall with our friends, Cori and Grace, to see Santa. It went better than last time and they snapped the above picture before Caroline could realize where she was and get upset. There was no fooling Grace though :-) Why we love to torture our kids with Santa, I don't know.
Some pics of the girls:

Clap, clap, clap our hands!
"I'm gonna getcha!!"

Caroline is a blast at 8 months and has changed a lot. She's babbling all the time, claps and occasionally waves hi/bye, gives us kisses, clicks her tongue and blows rasberries, and she's on the move. She's starting to crawl but still can't get too far before tiring out. I'll post a video soon of her movin' and groovin'. Just recently, Caroline has started to have some major separation anxiety if I'm not in the same room as her. That's been kind of hard, but I'm still trying to give her 20-30 min/day to play with her toys by herself. It's definitely work in progress. I think she'll be a lot happier when she can crawl more efficiently and get herself going where she wants to go (which will probably be to whatever room I'm in :-) Caroline's schedule has changed too. She's starting to drop her 3rd, late afternoon nap. Most days she still needs a very short power nap late in the day but it won't be long before Caroline is only taking a morning and afternoon nap. This month, Caroline has become a huge fan of baby food. She's tried everything and loves it all! I'm so happy to not have a picky eater so far. For breakfast, Caroline has a bottle, baby food fruit and oatmeal. She still only has a bottle for lunch and one for a snack in the afternoon. Dinner is a couple of baby food veggies then a bottle right before bed. Caroline's favorite things right now are her basket of toys, her doll and lovie blanket, any and all books, teething rings, playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, baths as long as the water is really warm, trying to crawl, and momma :-) Some of her dislikes right now are the changing table, being put down to sleep since it means she doesn't get to play with us, being overtired, staying in one place, and Santa (ha) It's so fun watching Caroline change so much from month to month. Happy 8 month birthday, Caroline!
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Emily said...

You got a cute Santa picture!!! Enjoy this fun time!