Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Or at least to the Fifers anyway. For the past 6 years, Sarah's father-in-law has been dressing up as Santa and taking pictures with Sarah's daugthers (Abby and Kingsley) and their friends. This year, Caroline got to join in the fun.
(my red eye correction made Caroline's eye look weird...sorry)

Some of the "big" girls
Gracie holding Caroline (in this picture, Caroline was lunging for my lap)
Checkin' each other out
Thanks for inviting us Sarah. It was fun!
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SarahFifer said...

so glad to have Caroline as a fun part of our tradition! It was fun - she's darling!

Alissa said...

She's wearing her present top! So cute.

Howell Fam said...

As you can tell, Grace LOVES Caroline. Love the pictures of your sweet baby girl.