Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Part 1

Christmastime is here, and I love it! The weekend after Thanksgiving kicks off a month full of traditions...most of which include lots of fun, family and friends! We have been going to see the Santa at McShan's florist since the year Caroline was born (you can see here, here & here). This year was extra exciting because our friends, the Woodards, joined us!
Caroline & Eleanor waiting in line
Can't stop hugging...even those big bows don't stop them :-)
Posing with Eleanor's little sis, Amelia. We didn't want to put Matthew down and make him upset before his big meeting with Santa:
It only took FOUR years (and Eleanor sitting next to her!) for Caroline not to cry in Santa's lap! She did it! All smiles (although somewhat forced) & she told him exactly what she wanted.
Love how Eleanor is all cuddled up to Santa and Caroline is sitting so straight and still with a frozen smile on her face:
The beautiful Woodard girls:
Caroline and Matthew's turn. Matthew didn't cry at all...what?!? Our little guy is SO different from his big sis. We were so surprised!

Time to sit on Bruce McShan's horse:
Again, for the first time EVER, Caroline sat on a horse!!! All it took was watching Eleanor do it first. I don't know if I should be happy Caroline conquered her fears or a little worried at how much peer pressure affects her. Hmmmmm. Going to try not to worry about that now. Anyway, we were so proud of her:
After seeing Santa and Bruce's horse we made our way into the beautiful shop to attempt some festive pics with the kiddos. My expectations were low. I've learned what to expect when photographing a 3 & 1 year old.
This pic should be titled "Distraction and a Mouthful of Candycane"

This pic should be titled (insert screaming sounds here) "Give Me That Candycane........Nooooo, You Can't Have It!!"
Good thing my expectations were low, ha.
 My sweet how she has grown!!

 Matt took the kids home from McShans while I headed to the arboretum to meet my family for our annual Christmas tea (another favorite tradition). Again, it was double the fun because my aunt and cousin were able to join us since they were visiting from AL.
Susan, Catherine and Nannie (who is trying not to let the wind blow her hair :-)
Posin' with my momma...isn't that tree gorgeous?!?
We ran into Frosty, Rudolph and an elf on our way to the tea:
Prancer also made an appearance:
 My mom, grandmother, two aunts and cousin (L to R): Jean, me, Catherine, mom, Nannie (who can't keep her eyes open in a pic) & Susan:
More Christmas fun to come in Part 2. Stay tuned! 

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