Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 & 13 Months Old

Our little guy is 13 months old! I never wrote his 12 month post so this is a catch-up that is all about what Matthew has been up to the last couple of months! (these pics are from his 12 month photo shoot with Andi...if you're looking for a photographer, she is GREAT!!)

***Matthew's 1 year stats:
Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces (15th%)
Height: 30 inches (50th%)
(can't remember head circumference right now but I think he was in the 20th%)
***wears a size 3 diaper (about to be bumped up to a size 4!) during the day and an overnight size 4 diaper

***wears mainly 6-12 month clothes and some 12-18 month sizes...he is our tiny guy which is hard to believe by the way he eats!
***Speaking of eating, Matthew loves almost any food and LOVES to eat, especially at dinner time. This post would go on forever if I listed out his favorite foods. Pizza is a new favorite. Matthew also loves eggs for breakfast and he eats them almost every morning. He seems to have a salty tooth over a sweet one...VERY unlike his sis and mom :-) Matthew doesn't love eating from a spoon but loves to bang it on the table, ha. He is drinking whole milk now from sippy cups alone and drinks about 3 cups/day. Matthew still likes to cuddle in my lap while drinking his milk. Fine with me!

***Matthew is transitioning to one nap/day. His morning nap was really disrupting his afternoon nap even if it was only 45 minutes. So the past week he has just been taking one nap in the afternoon. So far so good! It's a long nap and he sleeps later in the morning so I love it. I usually put him down around 1 and he will sleep until 3:30 or 4. He goes to bed at 7 p.m. and sleeps until 7:30-8 a.m. He is definitely a kiddo who NEEDS his sleep. If he doesn't get it, watch out folks!
***In addition to the four top teeth and three bottom teeth Matthew has had for awhile, he now has one molar (top right) and his fourth bottom tooth. They came in at the same time. It was not fun...teething makes Matthew one unhappy guy. We have to whip out the big dogs (motrin and tylenol) when he gets new teeth. I am SO not looking forward to the other 3 molars.

***Matthew began nodding "yes" and "no" this month...sometimes meaningfully, sometimes not. He signs "up", "please", "all done", "more" and waves "hi" and "bye". We're working on signing milk, thank you, and help.
***Speaking of signing, Matthew is taking some baby steps in the right direction in the communication department. He will imitate mama, milk, banana (nana), sissy (gigi), all done (done done), ball (ba) and a few others I'm forgetting. He says dada, cookie (caca :-), Yaya (my mom), and "mmmmm" when he's eating something yummy.

***Matthew can make the lion and cow sounds when we ask him. He also sometimes makes the letter 'b' and 'f' sounds when asked. He loves making his sounds and thinks he is so funny!
***Little Man is obsessed with balls. Obsessed I tell you! He always has to have one, usually one in each hand. He loves throwing them, crawling with them, banging them on everything, rolling them...you get the idea.

***He is also even more obsessed with climbing these days. He will climb on anything and loves it. Stairs, furniture, toys, Chick-Fil-A playplace...he has no fear!
*** Matthew still loves music and will dance whenever he hears it

***Will now sit long enough for us to read him one or two books (yay!)

***HATES having his diaper changed and/or getting dressed. He screams bloody murder, and I feel like I'm wrestling an alligator!
***Speaking of screaming, oh.my.word. The screaming.
 Matthew screams...not cries, just screams at the top of his lungs, when he's happy, frustrated, mad, upset, excited. I don't know if it's because communication is difficult for him or what, but this screaming phase is tough, I'm not gonna lie. It's kind of funny, he starts screaming and I tell him "No screaming, Matthew, that's too loud. Use your words." Then I remember he doesn't have many to use :-( I know...this too shall pass.

***When he's not screaming, teething, hungry or tired, Matthew is a very happy and smiley boy :-)

***The boy loves his sister!!!!!! They have started to kind of play together. Matthew wants to be wherever Caroline is, playing with whatever she's playing with. It's fun and cute unless Caroline isn't having any of it. This is a new experience for her...learning to REALLY share most of the day and give up her space. She's doing a good job getting used to her new shadow, but we definitely still have moments when this is hard. Despite the little sibling quarrels, I love watching them together. It's my favorite!
It has been so exciting! He has taken about 13 steps total at one time. He is still very "wobbly" and doesn't quite trust himself too much, but he loves to practice. Matthew will now stand up on his own from a sitting position and walk to where I am if I'm close enough. He has also started taking a few steps on his own between furniture. I think he will take off in no time. 
Happy 13 Months, Matthew! We love you! 

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