Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat: Halloween 2011

 This year was Matthew's 1st Halloween! And it was a fun one! Caroline is at a good age to REALLY get excited about trick-or-treating and dressing up. Here is how our Halloween 2011 went down in pictures (and commentary of course):
Pumpkin breakfast...doesn't get any easier than pancakes and fruity cheerios ;-) 

 This little guy is serious about his food!

We played for awhile after breakfast then headed to our very favorite bakery to buy some Halloween treats before meeting Matt at home for lunch:
Just look at all the sugary goodness: 
 I love pics of my kiddos standing side-by-side! They had fun checking out the treats. Matthew wasn't sure what everything was and Caroline was overwhelmed with the options.
 Matthew kept pointing out a big cake...I think he wanted to eat it:

We bought a cookie for Matt and me to split along with a smaller one for Caroline and some candy corn cookies to bring to our community group Halloween dinner. 
 Being silly with their cookies:
 I broke the "no sugar before the 1st birthday rule" and gave Matthew some of my cookie. He was crying for it and it just didn't seem fair for all of us to eat cookies in front of him without giving him any. Plus, he is turning one soon so I caved in. Look how happy he was:
Matt went back to work after lunch so Caroline got busy decorating a pumpkin: 

 Matthew opted to play and torture Mimi and PopPop's dog, Abby:

 Finished product:
After afternoon naps, it was time to get all dressed up and head over to our friends, the Matthews' house, for dinner with our community group from church.
Caroline, Kate the Ballerina, Matthew & Riley the Bumblebee 
 Ally, the precious Pig
 Brendan, the Ranger player (and Matthew's future best buddy :-)
All the kiddos in our community group (L to R):
Parker, Brendan, Ally, Kate, Matthew, Caroline, Cole & Riley
8 kiddos between five families. Oh how I love all of these sweet kiddos!
Okay, back to Halloween...
Snow White & Daddy

Matt, Matthew, Brendan & Wendy

 Off we go...

Caroline was beyond thrilled to run into one of her best friends, Eleanor, while trick-or-treating. They ran to each other screaming and couldn't quit hugging. So cute!

They love each other!

We ran into Eleanor one more time and got a picture with another one of Eleanor's best friends, Lainey. Caroline has loved getting to know Lainey through Eleanor and swim lessons last summer. Sweet girls!

The Matthews Fam

Our fam...don't ask me what Caroline and Matthew are doing:

When we got back to the Matthews' house, Parker's Mimi and Pops (aka, Laura's parents) were handing out candy on the porch. The kids loved getting candy from them, and we loved getting to trick-or-treat with and see some of our closest friends.
After trick-or-treating, we went to my mom's house...she had some fun treats for the kiddos. I was done taking pictures at that point, ha! Then we all headed home and CRASHED! Halloween 2011 was a hit, but I'm still tired from all the festivities and glad I have a year to recover before doing it all again next year :-)

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