Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's Party!

Saturday, Novermber 12th was Matthew's 1st birthday party! We had a small party at my mom's house. The guest list mainly consisted of our family, community group from church and a few close friends. Matthew loves to push his little red wagon and go for wagon rides so a red wagon-themed party was a no-brainer for our little guy.
Angie outdid herself yet again...she matched the birthday cake, smash cake and cookies-on-a-stick (party favors) to our invitation:

 The small cake table and Matthew's invitation:
 I ordered a cute banner off Etsy but didn't get in time due to horrible mail-forwarding issues. Luckily, my mom had a back-up banner! Matt's parents were kind enough to let us borrow their vintage wagon to hold Matthew's presents:

 Matthew's monthly pictures...a Pinterest idea, of course :-)

 We set up toys inside for the babies to play with:
 Outside, we set up a few tables (thanks, Amy!!) and a bounce house (thanks, Lacy!) for the big kids to play in:
 Party favors/table centerpieces:
 Sweet birthday boy!!

 Caroline was so excited to see Eleanor:
 Matthew, eating lunch, with our friend Ben in the background:
 This cute little dude, Aaron, is Kelly's son...Kelly is one of my best friends from Baylor:
 My brother was kind enough to grill out burgers for the party.
Some of the guys getting food:
 Wagon filled with drinks...another Pinterest idea!
 Most of our community group (we missed you, Julie & the Matthews!)
 Sweet Kate...Caroline looks up to this "big girl" so much:
 Some of the fam: Nannie, PopPop, Mimi (broken leg and all!) and my Aunt Jean:
 Can you believe these boys are only 4 months apart?!? Aaron's dad is tall :-)
 Caroline, eating lunch with Eleanor, Amelia and Elizabeth:
 More pics of our guests:
 Waiting for his cake...the look on his face cracks me up:
 "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Matthew. Happy birthday to you!!!"

 Mimi & Matthew...Mimi was such a trooper to come to the party with her broken leg:
 Two of my favorite people in the world:
 Best family pic we could get:
 Caroline opened Matthew's presents after all of our friends and family went home:

 These climbing blocks from my aunt and Nannie were a huge hit:

I did a terrible job taking pictures of our guests. I was too busy talking, imagine that ;-)
Thank you to all of our wonderful friends & family for helping us celebrate Matthew. He is one loved little boy!!

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