Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Fun

I have gotten so behind in blogging this Fall (see Crazy Chaos post above). Here are some different things we've been up to that I never blogged about. This is my mini catch-up post.
We were BOOED! Our neighborhood has this fun tradition:

 I STLL haven't figured out who BOOED us, but whoever it was spoiled us for sure! There were even more treats in our bag than pictured below:
 Caroline was SO excited about getting BOOED and said "this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me" :-) That cracked me up!! We followed all of the directions and hung up our sign then BOOED two more friends. I wonder who they were??
 Caroline currently LOVES the show Max & Ruby. She thinks it's so cool that Ruby has a little brother just like her. Matt bought tickets to take her to the Live Max & Ruby was supposed to be a fun daddy/daughter date. However, Matt got really sick with a terrible stomach virus (again, see Crazy Chaos post above) so I got to take Caroline on a mommy/daughter date instead. It was so fun! Caroline couldn't believe she was seeing the "real" Max & Ruby characters.

 Recently, Caroline was giving her brother practice walking while Matt watched football. She steered the car while Matthew pushed it. Very cute!

 Family chapel at Caroline's preschool:
(L to R: Cecilia, Natalie, Emory & Caroline)
 Emory, Caroline and Jack
 We have gotten to celebrate some sweet friends this Fall. I finally remembered to bring my camera to Amelia's 2nd birthday:
 Lainey and Caroline
 Craziness in the bounce house:
 Last but not least, I got to participate in "A Meaningful Christmas" ornament exchange (thanks, Chelle). Check out all of the details here. I am beyond excited to do these daily devotionals with our family this Christmas season. It will be wonderful to have this "tool" to help keep our focus on the TRUE reason for the season.

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WoodardFamily said...

Love all pics! We of course have the same outift that C has on at family chapel :)