Sunday, October 23, 2011

State Fair 2011

Matt took off work last Monday so we could have a family day at the State Fair! We haven't been since Caroline was 1 1/2 years old (see here). We didn't go last year because I was 100 months pregnant and just couldn't do it. So we were all excited to go this year.
Well, at least one of the kiddos was excited...Matthew was a little apprehensive at first:

When we first got there, we put wristbands on both kiddos in case we somehow were to get separated from the kids. We also had an important talk with Caroline about what to do if she got lost. Not a fun conversation to have but a necessary one!

We headed to the fair after Matthew's morning nap so it was lunchtime soon after we arrived. We all sat down for Fletcher's corny dogs of course. Yummo.
Next, we headed to the little hands farm and petting zoo. This was one of Caroline's favorite parts of the fair.
Checking out a $100,000 steer...seriously, $100,000!!! I don't get it.

Buying feed for the petting zoo:

The baby goats were too cute!

Zebras, up close and personal:

Caroline liked feeding this miniature horse because she could use a purple shovel. The girl likes her some purple:
Watching Caroline feed the animals:
We headed to the dog show after the petting zoo. I thought this show was pretty boring and both kids were whining to leave before it was over. We left a little early.

A certain little mister starting pointing this month and he points at everything all.the.time. It's cute!

Fascinated by the dogs...for about a minute:
 Then it was time for some rides.
Surprisingly, Caroline tried two of them...the small swing ride and the carousel (which I know doesn't technically count as a ride... but for Caroline it does):

So proud of her for trying something new!

Caroline wanted cotton candy, a candy apple and ice cream. We told her she could pick one treat so the candy apple won:

Watching Cirque Shanghai...such a cool show!! We didn't leave this one early!
 Both kiddos were amazed by the acrobats:
 Caroline hiding behind a trash can because she was REALLY scared of the carousel at first
 Matthew pointing at the carousel because he wanted to go on it...two kiddos with very different personalities :-)
 Watching her brother ride the carousel first. He showed her it wasn't scary!

More pointing

Caroline's turn...she wasn't scared anymore since her 11 month old little brother did it with no problemo. However, she didn't want to ride a horse. So we sat on a very exciting bench :-)

We had a fun family day at the fair. Hopefully, we'll make it back again next year! 

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