Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cradle C(r)ap...on his face. What?!?

A few days before Christmas, we noticed Matthew developing a mean case of (what we thought was) baby acne. I didn't think anything of it. Until about a week later...Matthew's face was so red, swollen, dry and irritated. I started to wonder if something more than just baby acne might be going on. I took him to see the pediatrician who walked in the room and exclaimed "Oooo, ouch!" when he saw Matthew's face. The doctor said Matthew had cradle cap (which I accidentally call cradle crap EVERY time...anyone else do this?) on his face. Who knew that could happen? And when it does, it causes major irritation and needs to be treated with a special prescription cream. So we promptly started treatment and, within a short week, Matthew's face was back to normal. I learn something new everyday on this Mommyhood adventure.
Here is a picture of Matthew's face taken on Christmas day. The pic doesn't do his face justice...it looked MUCH worse in person!
Ahhhhh, back to normal!
I ALMOST caught Matthew's big, gorgeous grin in this pic but didn't quite catch it. Still working on capturing his smile on camera!
So serious
And isn't this big sister lucky to have such a sweet brother who will let her cover him in stickers EVERY day?!?

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Christina said...

Cason had the cradle cap crap on his face and head. He had to have the special steroid cream and special oil stuff for his head (which doesn't make sense b/c I would think it is b/c of oil but whatever - drive on, i'm not a dr. ) AND - he had it forever... I thought it would NEVER go away!! So impressive MAtthews went away so quickly.

He is SUPER cute!! Wish I coulda met him. If you are looking for some warmer weather - come visit us in Corpus!! We'd love to have you guys!

Hope to talk soon- call when you can. - Christina