Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Happy 31st birthday to Matt!! Matt turned 31 last weekend (Sunday) and we spent the weekend celebrating. Well, he spent the weekend celebrating. I was sick with laryngitis and an awful cold so I celebrated the best I could. Saturday night, Matt went out to eat with our families to Pappadeaux...there is a dish there that is his FAV. I was too sick to go and had to miss out on the fun. Matthew and I stayed home while our friends, the Matthews (thanks Jason and Laura!), kept Caroline so Matt could enjoy a kid-free dinner. After dinner, everyone came over to our house for cake and presents. I was happy to not be completely left out of Saturday night's celebration.
Caroline was SO into Matt's birthday this year. She wanted to help him open every single present. There is also a cute story about the balloons. I already had a couple of gifts in mind for Matthew and Caroline to "give" Matt, but I wanted Caroline to be included too. So I asked her what she wanted to give Matt for his birthday and she immediately said, "I want to give him lots of balloons. Five purple ones because that is my favorite color and five blue ones because that is daddy's favorite color". So that's what we did. Caroline was beside herself with excitement when she gave the balloons to Matt, and he loved that she came up with the idea all on her own.

Matthew, hanging out on the couch with Aunt Jean, Mimi, and Yaya
Getting some cuddles from my bro
"Look, MORE presents Daddy!!"

Cuddles from Mimi
I just love this precious Nannie holding Matthew
Our usual Casa Linda cake in Duke blue of course ;-) I couldn't find my candles so notice we used a votive, ha!
Making a wish...
Daddy and his kids...I would have jumped in the pic but I looked too sickly ;-)
Sunday was Matt's actual birthday. We had plans to go to dinner just the two of us, but I spoiled the plans again because I was still sick. So we decided to postpone Matt's birthday dinner and celebrate at home, just the four of us. Sunday night, we all got into our jammies and spent the evening eating pizza and birthday cake, opening more presents and watching football.
Caroline, after her bath, enjoying some cake (we still use the high chair for messy foods and art projects)
I gave Caroline a choice between making Matt a birthday card or picking one out for him at the store. She wanted to pick one out and immediately picked one with a dog on the front.
Reading his card from Caroline and Matthew
Caroline wanted to "write" Matt a message and this is what it looked like (pic below). She told us it said "Happy birthday Daddy, I love you" sweet. She also "signed" her name. See the "C" and "O" in the middle? Those are the only two letters she can write in her name right now so that's how she signed her name. Funny girl.
Caroline also helped me wrap Matt's gifts. She picked out the paper and ribbon and helped me wrap them up. Like I said, she was VERY into Matt's birthday and had lots of opinions about the way things should be done.
Holding up his gifts from Matt and Caroline (I got Matt an Ipad for Christmas which also served as his birthday gift from me...that's what happens when your birthday is so close to Christmas :-)
Happy birthday sweet hubby!! I'm sorry I was so sick during your special weekend...I still hope it was a wonderful birthday for you. We love you so much!!!

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