Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bumbo Fun

I can't believe my BABY boy is big enough for the bumbo chair (he's 11 weeks old today!) I wasn't sure if he was ready for it yet, but we tried it tonight, and he did great. He loved it and had no problem holding his head up in it. If you're wondering why Matthew is sporting his studly naked legs it's because he's ready for bed and wearing one of those sleeper gowns...makes for easy diaper changes, ya know?!?
A little half smile thinking "Um, I don't know about this..."
Then a bigger smile thinking "I definitely am liking this new view"
Then Matthew discovered his foot! Oh my!
We seriously could NOT get him to stop staring at his foot. We think this might be the first time he ever realized he had a foot. Matt, Caroline and I were just cracking up.

"Wow, whatever that is down there is SO cool"

Of course, big sis had to sit in the bumbo chair too. I can't believe she fit in it...she thought she was so funny :-)
And here is another comparison of Caroline and Matthew at the same age both sitting in the bumbo for the first time. Click on the collage to make it bigger. I just LOVE these comparison pics.

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