Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Chrismas morning, we woke up to find that Santa had visited our house! I was soooo excited that I woke up Caroline at 8:00 a.m. (she can be a late sleeper sometimes :-)
I tried to run in the living room before Caroline so I could get a picture of her face when she saw the tree, but she was too fast for me and beat me in there. Digging right in to the present opening...she loved it! And it was SO fun to watch her open gifts all by herself this year!
She wanted to play with EVERY toy she opened and needed lots of encouragement to keep opening her gifts. It took us forever!

One of her most exciting gifts! Matt had one of his putters cut down to Caroline's size. He was beyond excited about this gift, and it was really special to watch him give it to her. I know he dreams of playing golf with her one day. She actually was really good...Matt was thrilled. Once he showed Caroline what to do, she used the "correct" grip (whatever that is) and wacked the golf ball every time.
Finally, it was time for her "big" gift. The ONLY thing Caroline wanted/asked for for Christmas this year...
A RED SCOOTER!!! She has wanted a red scooter since playing with her friend, Gracie's, back in June when we were in Colorado. She literally said she wanted a red scooter for Christmas for almost SEVEN months. Whew, glad she finally got it, ha!
In scootin' heaven:
After we were done opening presents at our house, we went to my mom's house to have Christmas over there. I posted pics out of order so these pics are from Matt's parents' house. We headed there after my mom's house.
Santa came to Mimi & PopPop's house:
Uncle Marcus, opening his new wallet with pictures of his niece and nephew inside. I'm sure he can't WAIT to show them off to his friends ;-)Now, maybe I'll be able to get Caroline to eat her veggies
Opening her new art easel from Mimi and PopPop (with the help of Abby Puppy) Santa came to my mom's house too!
My mom gave Caroline these fab pink boots and she went crazy over them. We're in trouble! Playing Santa...Caroline LOVED handing out all of the gifts at both Mimi's and Yaya's house. She would bring a gift to one of us and ask whose name was on it. Then she would give the present to the correct person. So cute.
Playing with my mom
This Little Einstein computer my mom gave Caroline was a HUGE hit
Yaya and Uncle John
After presents at the grandparents' houses, we went home to take naps and get dressed and ready for Christmas dinner at my mom's house. Matt's fam joined us!
Our "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blowing out the candle
After dinner, we opened presents from my Nannie and Aunt Jean
Caroline loved her shopping cart Nannie gave her and pushed her baby and Mickey around all night
Mimi, with her two grandkids This is what Matthew did most of the day:
Caroline and Nannie
Aunt Jean gave Caroline one of her most favorite presents...a box FULL of fun dress-up clothes to add to her dress-up drawer!
The rest of the evening was spent watching Caroline play with her Christmas presents.
This year's Christmas was so magical and special with both a 2 year old and a newborn. We are very blessed!
It was also a very exhausting Christmas with a newborn, and I feel like I was in a fog most of the Season. I look forward to next year. Hopefully we won't be so sleep deprived during the MOST wonderful time of the year ;-)

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