Friday, October 29, 2010

Trunk or Treat

This week, we took Caroline to "Trunk or Treat" at the church where she goes to school. Since I'm 37+ weeks pregnant, I don't know how long I'll last trick-or-treating with her this Halloween so I thought this was a good way to do it. We ate dinner then walked around and trick-or-treated at all the different decorated cars (trunks). It was fun although Caroline couldn't understand why she didn't get to eat every piece of candy right away. She was also not a big fan of talking to all the "strangers", but she was determined to get all her candy so that helped.
We let Caroline pick out what she wanted to be this year. She chose a fairy princess (no big surprise there :-) but her costume could be mistaken as a myriad of things.
Eating her first oreo cookie...she didn't like it! I told her that was un-American (j/k :-)
Totally obsessed with drinking out of "big girl" cups these days
Here we go!
"Trick or treat!!!"

"But mommeeeeeeeeee, why can't I eat ALL of these right NOW?!?!?!?"

Eating candy with her friend, Jake, from her class at school. I love that he was Mario and his brother was cute!!
Me & my Fairy Princess
(and preggo with Matthew at 37 weeks...less than 2 weeks to go, woot woot!!)

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Kelly said...

We were so sad to miss Trunk or Treat! Next year we will both have TWO kiddos in tow. Caroline is such a cute princess btw:)