Monday, October 11, 2010

10/11/10 & Big Girl Bed

First of all, I'm so excited it's 10/11/ exactly one month from today, we'll be meeting baby Matthew!!! We're in countdown mode!!!
Second of all, Caroline got her big girl bed this weekend. I think she would have stayed in her crib forever, but it was time to make the transition since we kinda need the crib in the nursery ;-)
She was so excited and immediately wanted to jump and "cuddle" on her new bed.

She kept saying "I really love my big girl bed. It's so comfy cozy" :-)

Matt loves reading to her in bed each night even though after they say prayers, she kindly asks him to get out of her bed, ha

Here they are reading one of her favorite books at the moment:

I'm not even CLOSE to having Caroline's big girl room completed/decorated. But at least we're off to a good start with the bed. Caroline is doing well sleeping in it so far. Her naps and morning wake up time have shortened a little, but I'm hoping that is just temporary (wishful thinking, uh?) Other than that, she really loves it and says she's happy her crib is now in baby brother's room so "he has somewhere great to sleep" :-)

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