Friday, October 22, 2010


Caroline is doing great in her big girl bed and has yet to figure out she can get out by herself. When she wakes up from her nap or in the morning, she reaches over to her (temporary :-) nightstand, turns on her lamp (which is a touch lamp...a great idea I got from my friend, Laura), grabs a book, and "reads" until I come in to get her. I'm sure this will only last a short time but right now I can't get over the cuteness. I also can't get over how she lays on her tummy and crosses her ankles in the air like a teenager would talk on the phone. Funny girl, my Caroline!
I was able to talk her into "reading" while I filmed her. Please excuse the fact that Caroline isn't wearing pants. Also, Caroline only "reads" the pages she has memorized. When she skips pages, it's because she doesn't have them memorized. I love 2 year old quirkiness!

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