Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

There has been a LOT of nesting going on in the Krauss house lately. Caroline has wanted to join in so she's become quite the little helper. Here are a few things on Caroline's daily "to-do" list.
Setting the table for dinner
Caroline is in charge of placemats, napkins and spoons (for obvious reasons :-)

Sweeping the kitchen

She has her own little "sweep" (her word for broom) but insists on using my big sweep instead
Vacuuming the den

I love my sweet little helper and am glad Caroline has "chores" she likes to do while I'm going crazy in this nesting stage (I don't remember it being this bad with Caroline!!)

1 comment:

shae said...

cuteness.....teaching her early, always a good idea...before she can talk back, like i did about chores :)