Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 Years Ago Today...

...was one of the BEST days of my life. I married my best friend AND my high school sweetheart. In honor of our anniversary today, here is a blast from the past:
Matt and I met each other and dated our senior year of high school...we were only 17 years old. We felt so old and "grown up" at the time and now we joke that we were just babies. Here is a pic from the night of our senior prom:
Spring 1998
Christmas 1997...I think Matt looks about 10 years old ;-)
Picture from a high school graduation party:
May 1998
High School Graduation!!
This has nothing to do with our anniversary (and my moms are going to kill me :-) but I LOVE this picture of our moms from high school. Matt and I were neighbors in high school and our moms became fast friends once we started dating. This worked out well since we're all neighbors again here in Dallas...makes for easy, combined holidays and lots of time together. I love these two ladies!
Outside our reception site on our wedding day...July 10, 2004
Just like last year, my sweet mom brought over a similar replica of the top of our wedding cake. She bought it from the same bakery that did our wedding cake and it's to.die.for. We are looking forward to eating this tonight after our dinner date! Thank you mom!
A present day pic...and the first pic of us as a family of FOUR (baby boy in tummy :-)
Looking back at pictures from 13 years ago, it's hard to believe I've known Matt for so long. Although we were high school sweethearts, we didn't date in college. Matt went to school in North Carolina and I was in was too hard to do long distance. My college roomies will tell you I never "got over" Matt, and I know they're right (oh, the drama of that relationship they had to put up with for four years...sorry girls :-) A part of me always knew I wanted to marry a guy like Matt. It turns out God had something so special in store for us when Matt moved to Dallas after college and we decided to give our relationship another try. The rest is history!
These past 6 years haven't always been easy but I am more in love with Matt today than ever before. I'm a better person because I'm his wife. Words will never be able to express how thankful I am for the family we have become. This adventure of parenthood is the greatest (and hardest!) thing I've ever experienced, and I wouldn't want to be on this wild ride with anyone else. I've loved our past 6 years together and look forward to 66 more (at least ;-)


The Smiths said...

Awwww...happy anniversary to you two! Love you guys and loved seeing those awesome pictures from the cute!

SarahFifer said...

So fun!! I'm so glad I've been a part of your married life - you guys were SO cute coming home honeymooners to our group. Love living life/marriage/parenting with you guys! Happy Anniversary!