Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swim Lessons

Caroline recently finished two weeks of swimming lessons. She did great! I was very worried because before lessons started, she was so scared of the water and wouldn't even put her face in the water. By the end of the two weeks, Caroline was holding her breath/putting her face in the water and kicking her legs while making "supergirl" arms. Now, she's super comfortable in the pool and swims all over with her float on. I'm so glad she's not scared anymore. Here are some pics from her first and last lessons.
SO excited at first...

...then a little unsure and apprehensive Caroline took lessons with her friends, Asher and Parker. I'm glad she was with friends she knew because these lessons were "drop off"...not mommy and me. She cried for about 10 min the first day and then didn't cry anymore after that (it was a miracle :-)...I think all the candy the teacher used as incentives helped.
Caroline and Parker...waiting for the lesson before them to wrap up
Caroline passed out on the way home from the first lesson...she NEVER falls asleep in the car and was really wiped out
Last day of swim lessons, a.k.a. "show off day" mom and mother-in-law joined me to watch Caroline show off some of her new swimming skills. I took these pics with my phone, sorry for the poor quality.

Sitting with Asher on the step

swimming to the wall
Face in the water...woohoo

Here is a video I took on the last day...way to go, Caroline!

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