Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Little Picasso

Caroline still likes to put stuff in her mouth. Which makes it hard to do any kind of art project with her. If we fingerpaint, she eats it, if we try to play with sidewalk chalk it winds up in her mouth, etc... So I figured an EDIBLE art project was the solution to our problem. So we decided to fingerpaint with whipped cream and ketchup/mustard. We assembled our supplies: old towels, whipped cream, food coloring, baking sheets, and condiments
Caroline was very wary at first. I had to dunk her hands in the whipped cream. In this picture she is holding her hand up to me saying "no,no,no,no" over and over.
I assured her all was okay and showed her how to "paint" the tray. She quickly realized this was F.U.N.
And, to top it all off, it tasted yummy! My little picasso, really getting into the painting...
...and the sugar!!

The final masterpiece
She loved painting with the ketchup and mustard too, only by this time, we had been doing this activity for awhile and her attention span was rapidly deteriorating.

All done! What a fun way to "paint" AND have a snack :-)
The hose always makes for an easy and quick clean-up...
...then off to the pool for a cool swim

climbing in and out, in and out

Topping off the afternoon with a popsicle
I think Caroline had enough sugar to last her a week :-)

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the bowlin family said...

What a fun time!! I love it! We might be "stealing" this idea soon!!