Monday, August 10, 2009

The Children's Museum

Last Friday, Laura and I took Caroline & Parker to the Children's Museum at the Museum of Science. It was AWESOME!!! This place is wonderful. Laura and I were both mad at ourselves for not taking the kiddos there sooner. Caroline was WAY overwhelmed and intimidated at first. But once she warmed up, she had a blast. The museum has all of these fun rooms to play in, all with different toys and activities. Some of the rooms were a water room, farm room, "home" room, bug room, etc...

Playing with Legos (this Lego table was great for toddlers b/c there were only big small ones for the kids to choke on!)

Playing with a shape puzzle
"Mommy, why does my head look so FUNNY?!?"
Caroline was way into these magnetic spinning wheels
The water room! Caroline HATED that came off after about two seconds :-)

Precious Parker
Petting some animals on the "farm"
Caroline was really scared of this cow. Uh, can you blame her?!?
Sorting some vegetables

I don't know where Caroline learned to do this :-)
Oh my goodness, my daughter has a very pristine, inherent baby tracker! If there is a baby within 5 miles of Caroline, she will FIND it. So of course, she found this baby and quickly adopted it as her own. A lovely temper tantrum ensued when she learned, in fact, that this was NOT HER baby.
Doing some gymnastics
Playing in the mat room with Parker...don't know why Caroline was pouting...she was happy (in this pic anyway :-)
I had a very hard time explaining to Caroline that this was actually not real food and she was not supposed to eat it. But she LOVED playing in the kitchen!

The bug room had insects and fish in tanks right at the kids' eye level. Awesome!
Taking a break for a snack, which we got in trouble for. I mean, what children's place doesn't allow sippy cups or snacks?!? Love those full mouths.
This firetruck/slide scared Caroline when we first got to the museum. By the end of our visit, she was excited to climb up and slide down all by herself. She actually cried when it was time to go. I promised her we would be back soon!!

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