Monday, August 24, 2009

Ladies' Day Out

Well, we weren't hanging out with the Bonnet Girls, but Caroline and I did have a Ladies' Day Out today at Snider Plaza. We had fun shopping, eating a yummy snack, playing in the toy store, and walking/running around the plaza sidewalks.
Caroline loved climbing on this standing block while I was dropping off some items that were badly in need of some monogramming :-)

Of course, we had to go to JDs for a cookie. It turned into quite the mess.
Our conversation went something like this:
Me: "Caroline, would you like a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, not-so-messy, SNICKERDOODLE cookie??"
Caroline: "NO,NO,NO!!"
Me: "Okay, well wouldn't you like a yummy, delectable, non-staining SUGAR cookie??
Caroline: "NO,NO,NO!!"
Me: In a very defeated, quiet, meek voice..."Um, would you, by any chance, want a chocolate chip cookie??"
Caroline: "YES,YES,YES!!! YAY, YAY,YAY!!!"
(Sigh.) I pushed aside my OCD tendencies and let Caroline make her own choice. She, of course, got chocolate everywhere. Including all over her dress that she used as a napkin even though I was holding tons of napkins in my hands. It's SO hard not to be the control freak that I am, but I am working on it. Today was good practice :-)
Playing in the toy far, Caroline's favorite activity of the day!!
Running up and down the aisles
She was so excited to be "surrounded" by Dora
Reading a puppy book

Playing at the train table

What a funny looking poodle!
Look at all the "kucks"

Making a mess right before we left...don't you know the people who worked there just loved us!
We had a great, but exhausting, Ladies' Day Out. Caroline hit the wall right before lunch. Hopefully, she can last a little longer next time so we can get a burger at the Burger House :-)

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