Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet the Teacher 2011

Last week was Meet the Teacher day at Caroline's preschool. This is a big year for her because it's her FIRST year of PRESCHOOL (she has been in Mother's Day Out the past two years). Matthew will also be going to MDO one day/week this year. Caroline was so excited the day before meet the teacher and asked if we could go to her class first (before Matthew's). I was so glad she was excited. Well....turns out meet the teacher was a total BUST. The moment we walked into the class, Caroline decided she was not having it. She was shy and wanted nothing to do with her new teachers (who were being so sweet to her BTW). She was even, dare I say it, quite rude. I was so embarrassed and kept apologizing to Ms. Wilson and Ms. Taylor. Needless to say, the morning didn't go as planned, and Caroline and I had a tough conversation when we got into the car.
I really struggle with how to handle Caroline's personality sometimes. God made her wonderfully and perfect just the way she is. That includes her shy, timid in new situations, more introverted personality. However, that can never be an excuse to be rude to other people. I realize that it is hard for introverted people to want to talk to/play with people they don't know. So I walk a fine line between not making Caroline feel bad for being the way she is vs. still being kind/polite to others even when she doesn't feel like it. The issue is also compounded because I couldn't be more different than my daughter. I'm an extreme extrovert so it's hard for me to always understand Caroline, and I'm afraid I push her too hard sometimes. This is something I pray about often, and I trust God will give me wisdom in this area. I need it!
The only pic I got of Caroline with her Preschool 3 teachers, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Taylor...I think she was screaming "NO" in this picture and trying to get to me (next time, I will know better than to even attempt a picture until Caroline feels more comfortable):
Caroline was all smiles once she was out of the unfamiliar classroom and with one of her best buddies, Lucy. They are standing in front of their stars on the wall outside the class (both excited they got purple :-) I am glad the girls are in class together this year!
The picture I took of Matthew with his teachers didn't turn out. Hopefully, I'll get one on the first day of school. His teachers, Ms. Dina and Ms. Gretel, are super sweet, and I know Matthew will have a great year. Here's hoping and praying for a good first day next week for both of my kiddos!!


The Safrans said...

Hi friend! Can't believe how big your sweet kids are getting! :) felt led to give you some encouragement from a unique perspective. Believe it or not I am an extreme introvert. It was really bad when I was young like Caroline and I know it frustrated my very extroverted mother. But can I tell you that with mom's example and gentle teaching I learned how to like social situations and am convinced my life and the choices I have made are the better for having an extroverted mom for this introverted girl. God knows you are the perfect mom to teach your introverted little girl how to lead her best life!

Jennifer and Dave King said...

Oh, your children are simply gorgeous! Hang in there with your shy little one. Before you know it, she will be in high school and will have a ton of friends and it will be hard to get a spot in her busy schedule. :-) One day we'll have to introduce our little ones! Dave and I just had our first little girl 11 days ago. Any advice you have for this age, send on through!! Again I love seeing and reading about your beautiful children!
Jennifer King

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Hey friend - first - i am in love with matthew's smile & those dimples! I miss him!!! and caroline in her necklaces - love it! She is all girl!!!
(Ellie loves jewels too - what is it with girls and their jewelry!?!?:))
Also - as to the rudeness... as you know, my child (the Senator) is an extreme extrovert... and yet we sometimes struggle with rudeness too -
maybe it's common to the age? I don't know but, like you, it's unacceptable and I'm not sure how to always handle it in front of others but I'm relieved to know I'm not alone in dealing with it!
Ours is Will sometimes not wanting to kiss or hug others (ie: family members) - we never want to force him to kiss or hug as he needs to own his body & we want him to not feel like he must do these things (for obvious reasons) but - saying "no thankyou" & offering a high five would be much better than exclaiming, "I don't want to - her face is scratchy!"
Oh - parenting - if we could control them like robots wouldn't it be so much easier? (& far less fun?)
love & miss you- k