Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Months Old

Matthew is 10 months & 1 week old!!
It has been a big month for our little guy...mainly because he started babbling this month!! It only took 10 months!! ;-) I took him to an audiologist this month because I was so worried about how quiet he was. His ears checked out fine (of course) and about 2 weeks after that appointment Matthew started "talking" a TON and hasn't stopped since. Woohoo! What a relief. We just love hearing his sweet little voice...after waiting so long to hear him talk, it is such a wonderful sound. He is making lots of different consonants and vowels sounds now. We even think he might have a few words: nana (banana), Abby (my in-laws' dog) & nigh nigh (night-night)
He hasn't used these words consistenly, and we have only heard them once or twice, so we'll see. We're just thankful Matthew has found his voice :-) I know I'll be laughing that I was worried about that someday!!
Another big change this month...Matthew is no longer eating baby food (except for those oh-so-convenient baby food "pouches" that come in the squeezable those things!) It's all table food for him and he is feeding himself (which is oh-so-nice). He usually eats cheerios or a breakfast bar with a banana in the morning, some kind of deli meat or chicken with cheese and veggies for lunch and whatever we're eating for supper. In addition, Matthew LOVES mum-mums, puffs, baby goldfish, all different types of bread, yogurt, applesauce, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken nuggets. Matthew's favorite foods are any kind of meat and most vegetables. He really doesn't like fruit too much which I think is funny. It's just the opposite of how Caroline used to be. I'm sure his tastes will change soon and he will love fruit and hate veggies.
At 10 months old, Matthew loves to:
"throw" a ball back and forth (I've got to get this on video soon...his "throw" is so funny)
play with his learning table and learning home
play with his sister
wrestle with Matt
cuddle before bedtime
play pat-a-cake
try to mimic the motions for "Twinkle Twinkle"
sign more & all done
reach his arms up for "so big" when we ask "how big is Matthew"
wave (but only in his high chair...weird :-)
be outside
ride in our wagon
smile while crinkling his little nose up
cruise around while holding onto furniture
climb stairs
go on walks in the stroller
take baths

Matthew does NOT love to:
ride in his carseat anymore (bummer)
read more than a couple of books at a time :-(
drink cold milk
miss his morning nap
go to Mother's Day Out (at least not yet)
try to walk while holding our hands
go to bed any later than 7 pm, no matter what
be still to have his diaper changed or get dressed
Happy 10 month birthday, Matthew! We love you so!!! 

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