Saturday, April 30, 2011

Matthew's 1st Easter

I know I'm VERY late with this post. I have had a hard time finding the time to blog lately, but I want to remember Matthew's first Easter!! So here is my late Easter post :-)
The night before Easter, after bathtime, Caroline got her Easter basket ready to go:
 She put her basket and Matthew's basket (since he was sleeping) outside their doors for the Easter bunny:
Then we got in bed and read the Easter story out of Caroline's bible and talked about the TRUE meaning of this special holiday: 
I happened to get a picture of the baskets after the Easter bunny had hopped on by our house ;-) Poor Matthew...I didn't order his basket liner in time. It's so different with second kids. I had ordered Caroline's before she was born but completely forgot about Matthew's. I hope he will forgive me someday, ha
Happy Easter morning! The Easter bunny came! (love Matthew's face in this pic while he's looking at Caroline btw) 
Matthew is thinking..."Could someone PLEASE tell me WHAT is going on here?!?" 
"Oh, toys...I get it stuff!!" 
The Easter Bunny thought Matthew's bald, white head needed a hat this summer: 
Caroline loves patting Matthew!
 Caroline wanted to go dig in the dirt (shocking, I know) with her new bucket and shovel. No way was I letting her do that before church. So she dug in rice instead.
Caroline picked pancakes for breakfast so she got to eat a cross for Jesus dying for our sins, a flower to symbolize Jesus is alive, and a bunny just because: 
My two favorite guys on the planet. I made a comment about how tan Matt was after I took this pic. But Matt said, "I'm not tan, that's just how pale Matthew is". He was right! Poor his momma's complexion! 
We headed to church after breakfast and had a wonderful time of worship and listening to our pastor's sermon. Then we went over to my mom's house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt.
This pic is an interesting one. Caroline is making some weird stink-eye face and Matthew looks very scared:
"Mommy, if you take ONE more picture, I'm going to go CRRRRRAZY!!!" (and that's a direct quote :-)
 My sweet Aunt Jean gave Mimi an Easter basket full of things she will need on her mission trip to Africa (which she is on right now!!)
Pretty Easter tulips: 
The boys table: 
The girl's table: 
Playing hide-and-go-seek in the curtains 
Time to hunt some eggs!

"Where is it, I don't see it, does anybody see it???"


Matthew had a grand ole' time cuddling with Mimi during the Easter egg hunt. I can't wait until next year when Matthew is hopefully able to join in the fun!
It was very special to celebrate Easter as a family of four and with our wonderful families. Caroline understood the Easter story really well this year, and I look forward to the years ahead when she (and Matthew) will be able to fully grasp the meaning of Christ dying on the cross for them and rising again.

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Emily said...

So sweet! What a beautiful Easter you guys had. Eden loves playing that exact hide-and-go-seek game with our curtains!