Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caroline's Sweet Shoppe

Well, it has taken me a whole week to recover from all of the birthday festivities a week ago but now I'm ready to blog :-)
We had to have a sweet shoppe theme for Caroline's 3rd birthday party since we have a Sweet Caroline! It was a fun theme, and Caroline was so excited about all of the "sweets". She also wanted EVERYTHING to be pink and purple (of course). We found a park near our home to have the party, and we lucked out with great weather.

Angie did a great job (as usual!!) on Caroline's cake for the 3rd year in a row. I just LOVE Angie and her yummy baked goods!

We added some cupcakes from Sam's to Caroline's Sweet Shoppe, and Amy made us some fun cupcake toppers: This isn't a great picture but here is the lollipop pinata hanging from the park's pavilion: Caroline's Sweet Shoppe banner (the 'C' flipped up by the wind :-) also made by Amy: Party favors (the stickers said "Thanks for making my party so sweet! Love, Caroline"):
Pom poms:
Caroline's Sweet Shoppe table:

Matt, my mom and I got to the park super early on the morning of Caroline's party to set everything up and decorate. Matt went to pick up Caroline from his parents house (she spent the night there the night before the party) right before the party started. It was so fun to see her reaction when she got to the park.

She RAN straight to the "candy table" squealing with excitement:

Filling up her treat bag before any friends arrived :-)

Making a fruit loop necklace:
Playing, playing and more playing:

Then the friends began to arrive. Very exciting! I wish I had taken more pictures of all the wonderful friends and family who came to Caroline's party. However, most of the time, I was chatting instead of taking pictures :-)

Caroline and Eleanor (they are usually hugging or holding hands when the pic below, Caroline is reaching for Eleanor's hand). I often get a report from Caroline's teachers that these two gals "talked all day" at mom often got the same reports from my teachers about me and friends at school. Shocking, I know.
Sitting with Jonathan and Eleanor...they planted themselves in front of the candy and didn't move for a loooooooong time: Precious Gracie and the Birthday the looks on their faces:

Silly girls and fun friends: Caroline, Avery and Leah
Some of Matthew's best buddies were there of course:


...and Brendan and Ally:
Sitting with Saylor (or "Sweet Say Say" as Caroline calls her):
Time to pull the strings on the pinata!!

Trying to light the candles on the cake but it was too windy:
Me & my girl:
Singing "Happy Birthday"...loved watching Caroline's face during this. She felt so special (and a little overwhelmed)!

Matthew did not enjoy himself at sister's party unfortunately. Too much noice and stimulation for his sensitive, sweet self to handle. He was only happy being held by either Matt or me....that's why this is the one pic I got of him.

And, again, I was talking too much to take pics:
Adorable bro and sis, Cole & love love their coordinating outfits: More play time...and more candy: Sliding with my mom: When we got home, everyone crashed for a nap. Then we put on our "cozies" and Caroline dove right into opening her gifts. Such fun! Thank you, friends, for loving Caroline so much and making her party very special (and we missed those of you who couldn't make it!!) Thanks to my mom for helping with all of the party planning and decorating. And a big thanks to Mimi and PopPop who were in charge of Matthew on party day and also let the kids have a slumber party at their house the night before (so my mom and I could work, work, work).

We love and are so thankful for all of you!!!!!

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