Saturday, April 16, 2011


***3 Year Stats:

Height: 37 1/2 inches (60th%)

Weight: 30 pounds, 8 ounces (50th%)

***At three years old, Caroline is: joyful, happy, caring, sassy, silly, giggles a lot, smiley, feisty, cuddly when she has her lovie blanket, cautious, timid, creative, funny/makes us laugh a lot, kind-hearted, a natural helper, quite the conversationalist/talker, stubborn, practical, independent and loving

***Caroline LOVES: her baby brother, her dolls, any kind of arts & crafts, drawing and "writing", going to school, Minnie Mouse, Miss Pattycake, dressing up like a princess, reading books/going to the library, helping mommy, jumping on mommy & daddy's bed, playing Candyland & HiHo Cheerio, riding her tricycle & scooter, playing at the park, play dates with friends, Chick-Fil-A, blowing bubbles, listening to music & singing, making up silly songs, ballet & dancing, bubble baths, going over to her Yaya and Mimi's houses, talking and playing on my phone, lollipops & fruit snacks (and anything sweet!), and doing things all by herself

***Caroline DISLIKES: getting messy, going to sleep, being told "no" especially when she wants her lovie blanket (which is reserved for bedtimes only), going to unfamiliar places/meeting unfamiliar people, having to change out of her pajamas (I'm with her on this one :-), leaving places when we're out and about, time-out, eating (she's quite picky), thunder, covers on her bed...she only likes a sheet, bugs, and loud noises One of Caroline's greatest loves right now is Matthew. I haven't blogged about her relationship with him much because I keep waiting for the "ball to drop" so to speak. Since Matthew has been born, Caroline hasn't once been angry with him, jealous, or annoyed/frustrated that he is around and taking up a lot of my time. She has never been mean to him...only loving, helpful, sweet, gentle and caring. The first words out of Caroline's mouth everyday when she wakes up are "where's Matthew?"

Words don't really do Caroline's love for Matthew justice. And the feeling is mutual. Matthew looks at Caroline with the most adoring eyes. It melts my heart everyday. We never imagined Caroline would adjust so easily to having a new baby around. And we know we have many years ahead of us that will be filled with sibling fights, rivalry, etc...etc... So right now we are soaking up and enjoying the love and peace :-) We are so proud of Caroline and the way she loves and cares for Matthew. He is one lucky little guy to have such an incredible big sis!!! We pray for their relationship everyday and hope that they will be the best of friends!!!

Caroline's other great obsession at the moment is dancing and her ballet class. Ballet was a great decision for Caroline this year. She has LOVED it and asks almost everyday if it's "ballet day today". Dancing Angels has been a perfect fit for Caroline. It's a small, sweet, nurturing environment, and the children are taught to dance to praise the Lord. Her teacher, Ms. Elizabeth, has been great and Caroline just loves her. We will definitely be signing up for ballet again...I still think there might not be anything cuter than a little girl in a tutu :-) Oh, and speaking of cute, Caroline's 1st EVER dance recital is coming up, and I am so thrilled. I know Caroline will probably just stand on the stage (if she even goes on the stage at all, ha) but I don't care. I can't wait! Their dance is "Bee Humble" and they will be little is a sneak peek at part of her recital costume:

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Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE LOVE LOVe the pics of Matthew & Caroline on the bed cuddling! Too cute!!! You have to frame those!
(I can't wait to bust Ellie out of a cast & let her cuddle with Will soon.)
And I ADORE her bee costume! I wish we were there to come see her dance! Will she give us a private recital sometime, please?!?! Too cute!
hug her for Will & Ellie & I :)