Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

I realize this Easter post is over a week late, but I just found my camera that has been missing for a week. I had not downloaded these pics onto my computer yet, and I figure better late than never. And yay for finding my camera :-)
We had a fun Easter. Here are all the details of our day.
On Easter morning, Matt and I walked into Caroline's room with our camera and video camera singing "Happy Birthday", since it was Caroline's actual birthday on Easter. Right when we opened her door, she saw her Easter basket outside and immediately started screaming "Easter basket". We got her out of her crib and she made a beeline to her basket to see what goodies the Easter bunny left.
She immediately dove into some chocolate...wanting nothing to do with the egg after she got the candy out. I used to love eating candy for breakfast on Easter so I figured why not let Caroline enjoy the same yummy goodness.
Checkin' out the rest of her loot

This pic is of Caroline holding her new bible. We got her the same bible our church uses so we could read the same bible stories/scripture she studies at church, at home. When she saw it she said "Whoa" (pause) "a Jesus bible" Then she wanted to read a bible story right away so we read about Jesus' Resurrection and talked about why we were celebrating that Jesus is alive!!
(I know I'm biased but I think my daughter has some rockin' bedhead ;-)We got ready and went to a fabulous church service. Then we headed to my mom's house to meet my fam and Matt's fam for Easter lunch.
Caroline got some Easter goodies from Mimi...
...and Yaya. Here she is sitting with two of her favorite people in the world!
Family Pic
Favorite new pic of the three of Caroline's sweet face
The back of Caroline's Easter dress

Daddy reading a new Easter present to Caroline
Best poses I could get of Caroline in her Easter dress...for some reason, her pretty dress didn't show up too well in any pictures. She looked cute though! (Sarah, do you recognize the dress?? Thank you!!!)

We ate a delicious lunch of brisket, deviled eggs, broccoli/rice/cheese casserole, garlic bread, salad and strawberry cake (I think I'm forgetting some of the food but that's what I remember). I just LOVE holiday food, don't you? It's always SO yummy!!
After we ate (and Caroline went down for her nap), Matt, my brother and I went on our annual Easter egg hunt. I know it sounds weird for adults to be huntin' Easter eggs but my mom fills the eggs with money so it's a very competitive endeavor. My mom-in-law got some hilarious pics of the hunt but, because this is my blog, and I don't have to embarrass myself if I don't want to...I'm not posting them ;-)
When Caroline woke up, we let her have a piece of cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to her one last time. It was a good (but tiring) day.

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Love the pics! Kiney is gorgeous!!