Friday, April 30, 2010

Day of Fun

Katie and Will were in town this week for some doctor's appointments. One day, after Will's appointments, we got together for a day of fun. It was SO good to see these two! I've been dying to see my sweet friend in person and give her a big hug. Katie and Will were staying in a hotel downtown with Katie's mom. The hotel had an indoor, heated pool so our plan was to let the kids swim. The "heated" pool turned out to be too cold so we all ended up hanging out/playing on the steps of the hot tub.

This face is so Caroline...silly girl
This face sums up Will's personality...he exudes sheer joy and happiness and LOVES life...I love this kid!

After the kids' naps, we headed to Northpark for some dinner and shopping.
Throwing coins in the water
These are the faces I got when I said "smile" ;-)Watching the ducks
Eating on the patio of Luna (sorry for the overexposed pic)

Playing with an iphone and an itouch...Katie and I got to have lots of good conversation at the end of dinner because of these wonderful devices. I can't believe how well these two two-year olds can operate these things...a little scary.
Having fun doing some "girly" shopping!!
We had a blast with our friends and can't wait to see them again soon!

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