Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 Years Old

There are SO many things I want to remember about Caroline at age 2. I'm thankful for this blog that helps me remember :-) Here are "a few" things about Caroline at 2 years old!!
Not counting the lovely two year old sassiness and defiance, Caroline has about the same personality she's had since the day she was born. She is really sweet/kind. very cautious (I'm hoping this will be a great thing during those crazy teenage years :-). more introverted like her daddy than extroverted like her mommy. sensitive. timid in new situations. shy/quiet around other people but a chatty kathy around our house. fun-loving. caring (she gets very upset if others are hurt or upset). funny like her daddy and poppop. inquisitive--she notices everything. opinionated. miss independent. and very silly.
Thanks to this fab website that Caroline is OBSESSED with, she knows most of her letters and the sounds they make. She can count to 20 but always leaves out at least one of the "teen" numbers and can id numbers 1-10. Caroline knows all of her primary colors but gets white and black mixed up. She loves to sing all.the.time and her favorite songs right now are Jesus Loves Me, Row Row Row Your Boat, and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (these fav songs change weekly)
These are a few of Caroline's favorite things: Her number 1 favorite activity is taking care of her baby, this includes feeding, rocking, and changing Baby (that's the baby's name, baby :-)...she will make the best big sis one day, God willing. playing with puzzles. ANYTHING involving arts/crafts/stickers. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Dora the Explorer. dressing up in her favorite Mardi Gras necklaces. playing at the park or anywhere outside. pretty much any food except meats and veggies. blowing bubbles. games on the computer or iphone involving letters. playing hide-and-go seek. riding in the car listening to her cds. her lovie blanket and "guys" which include Elmo, Mickey, Minnie and Baby. reading books...she will "read" or sit and listen to books forever...I would say this is her 2nd favorite activity next to playing with Baby. cuddling before and after bedtimes. reading bible stories and praying at mealtimes.
These are a few of Caroline's LEAST favorite things: not getting to do something "by self"...this is the cause of most of her tantrums. two year molars. two year shots. meats & veggies. getting dirty. trying on shoes in stores. being told "no" ;-)
2 Year Schedule & Stats: Caroline sleeps from about 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. and naps from about 1-2 until 4-5 (except when she's getting 2 year molars...then she doesn't nap at all). She eats 3 meals a day without many snacks in-between...she's not a big eater.
Height: 34 inches (50th %)
Weight: 27 pounds (50th %)
Head circumference: I can't remember the exact measurement but it was in the 25th%
My most favorite thing about Caroline's age...her communication!! She is quite the talker and cracks us up daily with all her funny sayings. Here are some sentences we've heard lately or words that are "mixed up":
(while sitting on the toilet) "I need some paper toilet"
(she still gets pronouns mixed up so we hear a lot of stuff like this) "My all done", "How many are they", "Please hold you"
"Mommy, what you doin'"...I hear this a thousand times a day
"Mommy, please do me a favor"
"Whew, that was a close one"...when running from my in-laws puppy and making it safely to Mimi's arms
"When I wake up I get some chocolate and sit on potty, kay mommy?" (we aren't potty training yet...just letting her sit on the toilet)
"Jesus can climb in sky" (her response when she asked if I could touch the sky and I said "no")
I can't believe I've only known Caroline for 2 years...I feel like I've known her my whole life. Those big eyes of hers melt our hearts and we could not be more thankful for her little life. We love our sweet 2 year old!!!


The B4 said...

she's darling, darling.

Travis and Andrea said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Such a cutie pie!!!