Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Cuteness & a Funny Conversation

Just a random video of miss cutie pa-tootie (with a very brief almost-two-year-old tantrum mixed in):

I also had a funny conversation with Caroline today. It went something like this (while we were looking out the window watching the rain):

Caroline: "Look mommy, I see flamingo"

Me: "A flamingo???" (I looked in the direction she was looking and saw a squirrel) "Do you mean a squirrel?"

Caroline: "Yeah" (said in an exasperated that's-what-I-said kind of tone) "A sworl!!"

I have no idea why she thought to call the squirrel a flamingo. I'm sure she didn't know the name "squirrel" but you would think she would have called it a kitty or something like that. But no, flamingo is what popped into her head. Funny girl :-)


Christina said...

very very cute!! she definitely knows her good night moon book. miss that sweet kiddo. give her a big kiss from us

SarahFifer said...

She's SO smart :)

Alison Treadaway said...

Parker thinks squirrels are small kittens. LOL. Also, the Alvin and Chipmunks movie... he thinks are "dancing kitty cats."

RalphHidalg said...
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