Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And they call it puppy love...

Please meet Abby (or "Abby Puppy" as Caroline likes to call her), the newest addition to our extended family. Matt's parents, Mimi and PopPop, brought Abby home right after Christmas. She is so so adorable.

Caroline, pretending to take a nap with Abby:

Caroline likes Abby but only on her terms. If Abby comes up to Caroline and wants to play, Caroline says "no puppy no puppy no puppy" over and over. When Caroline has had enough of Abby, she climbs up in PopPop's chair to "escape":

Welcome to the family, Abby! So glad you're not living at our house! ;-)


shae said...

time for caroline to have one of her own :)

Shannon said...

OH MY GOSH! When I first opened this I thought YOU guys had gotten a dog! Ha ha!! You have enough work with a toddler. :)