Thursday, January 28, 2010


This past weekend was Matt's 30th birthday, and we had a good ole' time celebrating the big day!
Friday night, we went out to dinner with both of our families then came back to our house for cake and presents.
The birthday boy at dinner
Sitting in a "big" chair waiting for her high chair
A birthday in our family wouldn't be complete without a yummy Casa Linda birthday cake...I could eat the whole thing...but I didn't :-)
Enjoying the singing
Caroline kept wanting bites of the "happy birthday cake" (as she called it). Of course, Mimi gave them to her...she's such a softie :-)
Helping Daddy open presents
I think he liked this one ;-)
Our families...I cut off Nannie, oops
Saturday day/night was full of surprises for Matt. Saturday morning, I sent him off to have a massage. We have had quite a stressful start to 2010, and I wanted Matt's birthday to be all about fun and relaxation. After his massage, we dropped Caroline off at my mom's house for the rest of the day/night (thanks mom!!) and headed to the movies to see Avatar. It was sold out (even though it was the middle of the day on a Saturday and has been out must be good) so we settled for a long lunch at Luna instead. Then we headed to the W Hotel for a little getaway, just the two of us!!
The view of downtown from our room
The hotel had this little birthday surprise waiting for Matt when we got to our room. We munched on the chips and salsa and watched a movie (The Informant with Matt Damon...we thought it was funny...I'd recommend it).
Saturday night, we ate at this restaurant and enjoyed a nice, long of our favorite things to do.
I can't believe Matt is 30 (which means that I turn 30 soon too)!! We've almost known each other 1/2 of our entire lives now which is so crazy to think about. Matt and I talked a lot about his twenties and what he thinks his thirties will be like. We are excited about this new chapter!! Bring on the 30s :-)

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Emily said...

Hey Laura,
Travis LOVES his trampoline. He has so much energy that I needed something that could help him burn energy on this yucky winter days. I bought mine through Amazon and found it on sale for around $75, which was quite a bargain. Here's a link:
If you read the comments, one negative is that the back legs come off the ground if the kid is jumping and puts too much pressure on the front handle bar. I read that if you put the trampoline up against a wall, it won't tip b/c the back legs would hit the wall. Travis jumps with such force (and then lets go and does a hurkie in the air before he lands) that the trampoline keeps moving forward on our wood floor away from the back wall, so I am afraid it will tip. Doubt that would happen on carpet. I've been meaning to go buy those little velcro ankle weights to put on the back legs to keep it more stable, but I haven't yet. That being said he loves it!!! I bought it b/c it's easy to take apart and would fold up to go under his bed, but we've just left it out in his room. Feel like I've rambled on for too long. Email me if you have any more questions:)