Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camp Brown

Last week, Caroline, my mom, and I drove to Mobile, AL to visit my aunt Susan, uncle Ronnie, and cousins, Trey, Will and Catherine. It was Caroline's first road trip and she did GREAT...much better in a car than on a plane. She was so content to sit in her carseat and listen to music. She didn't really cry the whole way there OR home and it was a 9 hour drive (we did, however, have to bust out the Backyardigans on my mom's laptop about 30 min. from home on our way back b/c Caroline started getting a little fussy...the video did the trick :-) So the road trip was pretty uneventful, thank goodness.
Playing in a rocker on the porch of a restaurant where we ate lunch on our drive to Mobile
I LOVE my aunt Susan and her family (their last name is Brown). They're so much fun to be around. They deemed our visit, "CAMP BROWN" and my aunt and Catherine came up with an itinerary of fun things to do with Caroline everyday. This included a nature walk, swimming, arts & crafts, storytime, devotionals, etc... It was such a sweet, thoughtful thing for them to do and Caroline had a blast. I think CAMP BROWN is going to become a tradition!
Caroline and Catherine (she's 16 years old and really is the sweetest person I think I know!!!)

Playing with Charlie
Watching Charlie in the backyard...Caroline is quite fascinated by dogs at the moment
We have a rule at our house that Caroline is not allowed to stand on our couches...not a rule at Camp Brown :-)
Susan brought down this little rocker from her attic and cleaned it off so Caroline could play in it. She loved it!!
Chattin' with Trey (he will be a sophomore in college next year...he thought Caroline was so funny and laughed at her non-stop)
Being silly with Ronnie at the table. Caroline loved for Ronnie to dance around the room to music...she would follow right behind him and mimic his "moves"

Thanks for making our trip so special, Brown Family!! Can't wait for Camp Brown 2010!!


Shannon said...

That sounds like so much fun!! She is getting so big!

The said...

What fun memories - that's a great tradition to have :)