Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Review

***Edited to add: this pic is supposed to be at the bottom of this post...oops***

Saturday morning, I woke up craving pancakes and decided that it was a wonderful day for Caroline to try pancakes for the first time.
She played with the measuring cups while I made the batter

Caroline "helped" me stir up the batter

"What is that??"
"Yum!!" Caroline enjoyed the first few bites and then had enough. Hopefully, she'll enjoy it a little more next time.
After Carolines' afternoon nap, Matt and I took her to play at the park.
Walking while holding Matt's far her MOST favorite thing to do!

Swinging while laughing at Matt...he can always make her laugh
Swingin' horizontal style
All smiles

Sitting tall on Matt's shoulders
Sliding "by herself"

Sliding with me...a rare pic of the two of us since I'm usually taking the pictures
Sliding with Matt
I'm swinging but covered by the pole (thank goodness...I looked ridiculous)

I like this pic b/c Matt is almost completely vertical. I don't know how he didn't fall out. Remember how fun it used to be to swing so high?!? I SO miss being a kid sometimes!

On Sunday, we woke up and went to church. After we got home, Caroline took a nap and then we headed to the arboretum when she woke up. It was such a pretty day. Caroline enjoyed herself and we did too!

By far, her favorite toy at the moment.
Another rare pic
Cuddling with Matt
We decided since Caroline is now 9 months old, she needs to complete a weekly book report
to stimulate those brain cells. Her first book of choice...the new John Grisham book. "This is kind of boring...I think I'll just skip to the end."
"Enough of that...on to more interesting books. Like Pat the Bunny!!"
Sunday night, we went over to our friends, Amy and Craig's, house for supper club. I know I've posted about supper club before but I just love it b/c I love the people we get to see when we go (and the food is ALWAYS yummy :-) This night was extra special because it was baby Saylor's first time to attend.

Here are the current supper club babies: James (8 months), Caroline (9 months) and Saylor (2 weeks)

I like how Caroline is eyeing James' hand in this pic.
Don't worry, Matt was behind Caroline. We didn't just randomly let her sit on the counter.

The picture at the top of this post is my friend, Kelly, who is pregant with baby Mae due THIS Monday (unless she decides to come early). She'll be the 4th supper club baby to be born in less than a year and we are all so excited. We can't wait to meet Mae.
A wonderful weekend was had by all. I wish it could be the weekend all the time :-) Oh well, until this Friday...which by the way is going to be very special. A certain someone turns the big 29 this weekend!!
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Niki said...

Such great pics! I had a hard time picking one for my computer wallpaper this week!
I miss you all sooooo much!