Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matt

My sweet hubby turned 29 on Friday! Caroline and I surprised Matt at work with his favorite dessert...Dulce de Leche cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. He was so surprised and had fun showing Caroline around his office. It was a good way to start off his birthday.
Watching Matt work
Playing with "Teddy" after getting bored watching Matt work :-)

So happy to be in Matt's lap
When Matt got home from work on Friday, he opened some presents from me and Caroline.
Caroline enjoyed reading the card "she" wrote him
Caroline gave Matt some special books to read to her.
Caroline and Matt thought this new tennis racket was pretty cool. My friend, Kelly Dallas, always says that Caroline looks just like her daddy because they make the same facial expressions. I never really see it...but I do in this pic!
Kisses for the birthday boy
Friday night, my mom watched Caroline so Matt and I could go out to dinner. Thanks Kalo! It was nice to have a date night. Because I believe that you should always celebrate your birthday for more than just one day, we woke up Saturday morning and continued the fun.
We busted out the "You Are Special" plate along with some birthday blueberry muffins and bacon. Here is some advice: DO NOT stick candles into piping hot muffins. The candle wax will melt off into the muffin and turn it all sorts of funny colors inside. Won't make that mistake again :-)
Saturday night, my fam came over for dinner and some birthday cake.
Our family's fav cake from Casa Linda Bakery
Disclaimer: Yes, there are PINK candles in my husband's birthday cake. But I couldn't find any red ones and these were all I had. Matt didn't seem to mind.
Make a wish!
After some yummy cake, we played our usual riveting game of 42 with my Aunt Jean and Nannie. All in all, a fun birthday weekend!! Matt, happy 29th birthday! Thanks for being the best husband/daddy two gals could ever wish for!!!

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SarahFifer said...

Happy Birthday Matt from the Fifers!!

The Rowe Crew said...

Hey are too sweet! And I can NOT believe Caroline is almost 1!!! If you are still intersted, as long as I could finish that stuff by Feb. 10th, we would be good to go. No pressure if you've already found someting else, but I'd love to do it for you if you want it :o) Just email my business email and we'll work it out. (

Shannon said...

Hey girl, I have been meaning to ask where you got that sweet outfit of Caroline's. I love it!