Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Wrap-Up

Between traveling, VBS, camps, swimming, and spending time with friends, our summer flew by WAY too fast. Here is a wrap-up of our summer in pictures:
Matthew and I had lots of fun while Caroline was in VBS!
We hung out at Barnes & Noble:
 We visited Daddy at work:
 We went to Jump Street and Studio Movie Grill with our good buddy, Brendan:
 We had some family fun at Dave and Busters to celebrate Father's Day!
 Summer = eating a ton of snow cones (my favorite!)

 We visited some fun splash parks:

 Caroline and Matthew had lots of quality brother/sister time...these two have a crazy time together!
 Caroline and her doll, Caroline, attended a birthday party at the American Girl store:
 Most of our time this summer was spent swimming at the pool:

 We had our 2nd Annual Character Camp. We focused on the Fruits of the Spirit again this year, and I enjoyed teaching the girls about Love & Joy. They soaked it up!
 Matthew discovered he LOVES to paint. My little Picasso!
 Summer Movie fun:
 We celebrated my 33rd birthday:

 Spent time at the lake with friends:

 Enjoyed good times at supper club:
 Played with friends:
 Had a very exciting back-to-school lunch with some of the girls attending Kindergarten with Caroline this year. Such a cute, sweet, and fun group of girls!!
Which leads me to my next post...KINDERGARTEN!!! Stay tuned :-)
Goodbye Summer 2013...we will miss you!!!

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