Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 2013

Oh my, how can we almost be halfway through February! In true fashion, this year is flying by already, and I really need it to slow down. We had a fun January with some special days mixed in. Here is a little snapshot of what we were up to last month:
Playdates with friends which included an exciting trip with one of my college bffs, Shae, to Heard to see the "live" dinosaur exhibit. It was really cool! The kids were a little scared of the noises the dinosaurs made (they were SO lifelike).

One of Matthew's best buddies, Gray. They both love wearing their momma's shades:

A couple of fun birthday parties:
Some mommy/son dates while sister was at ballet:
Celebrating Daddy's 33rd birthday!!! 

And the month concluded with a getaway trip to Santa Fe...just me and my hubby (thanks Mimi and Yaya for keeping our kiddos so we could have some refreshing time away together!!)
The trip consisted of eating way too much yummy food, hiking, skiing, taking scenic drives, visiting the sacred Sanctuario de Chimayo, window shopping on Canyon Road, and reading in front of the fire. 

We love Santa Fe and had a wonderful, relaxing time. We were also so happy to get home to see our sweet kiddos. We missed them a lot. When we got home Mimi had cleaned our house top to bottom, done all of the kids' laundry, washed sheets and put clean ones on all the beds, had the house stocked with groceries, AND made sure we had a pretty vase of flowers waiting for us on our kitchen counter (I know, Mimi is pretty awesome). The kids had also made us "Welcome Home" sweet!

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The Q. Family said...

Looks like such a great trip! I love the pic with all of the ice on your helmets. :) You are gorgeous Laura!