Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas 2012: Part 1

Christmas was a blast this year! Caroline gets the true meaning of Christmas like never before and understands that the reason we receive gifts is because God gave us His greatest gift on Christmas Day. Caroline was excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday and so pumped to open presents on Christmas morning. We "do" Santa in our house. That's what Matt and I did growing up and it was such a magical part of childhood for us! We tell our kids that Santa is fun, Jesus is real. We also tell them that there is a surprise about Santa they have to figure out. Eventually, the surprise will be that it is us :-)Matthew understood everything this year as much as a 2 year old can, ha. Needless to say, it was a very magical Christmas!!
Caroline and Matthew discovering their gifts from Santa:

This year, I hid a piece of wrapping paper in the bottom of the kids' stockings to reveal which gifts were theirs. Caroline loved it!

 First outfit change of the morning...into a nightgown she received as a gift with a matching one for her dolls:
 Matthew LOVED this firetruck from Mimi and PoP Pop and played with it most of Christmas morning:

In Caroline's mind, there is NOTHING better than PRINCESS Candyland ;-)

Daddy's turn!

Mimi and PopPop, hamming it up as usual:

Opening their big gift from Mimi and PopPop...plasma cars! Also a huge hit. The adults loved them too. (notice Caroline is in outfit number 3...some random dress that "twirls")

Reading a fun, interactive Wheels on the Bus book:

Finally! Time to open the special present that said "Open Me Last" on it. Inside was a special letter from Santa with a riddle on it which lead the kids to the backyard:

Santa brought a new playset!! Unfortunately, it was POURING down rain so this is how it was revealed to the kids:
Major bummer and NOT how I wanted/expected it to go!!
We spent the rest of the morning playing with new toys, singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and eating his birthday cake (coffee cake), and enjoying time together before heading over to my mom's house for Christmas #2.

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Anonymous said...

Laura - your kids are so precious! I love seeing your updates! I also loved the idea of putting a piece of wrapping paper to identify what presents are theirs. Such a good idea! hope yall are doing well!