Sunday, April 15, 2012

Celebrating Easter Part 1

We had some pre-Easter fun before celebrating the actual holiday.
We were egged! (this is a neighborhood tradition where someone places 12 eggs for you to find in your front yard along with a sign and instructions...then you pick someone to "egg" and it continues on and on)
Caroline thought this was the coolest thing EVER!

I feel sorry for whoever hid the eggs in the construction zone that is our front yard.
I wonder who we egged?!? We'll never tell ;-)
Easter Eve, the kids and I headed to their preschool/MDO church's Easter carnival and egg hunt. It was crowded, and I wish Matt had been there to help me keep track of the kids (he was hosting a Master's viewing party). I was scared I was going to lose one of them. We had a good time but it was a little too stressful for my liking!
Trying to figure out what the basket was for:
Caroline was so sweet and helpful to her little bro. She held his basket and tried to teach him how to hunt for eggs. He didn't quite get it, but he loved walking around with Caroline while holding eggs in his hands:
"Give me that egg!!!!!"

My loves:
Posing with her sweet friend, Emmy, and getting ready for her age-group hunt:

Immediately diving into candy:
Um, can someone PLEASE tell me where my baby boy went?!?
Found the candy!!!!
Caroline was so excited to have a bunny painted on her face:

Caroline made an Easter craft while I was wrestled small craft supplies out of Matthew's mouth. We left soon after this picture was taken, ha
So we headed home from the crazy carnival, put Matthew down for a nap, and dyed Easter eggs. A favorite tradition in our house! And Caroline loved doing it all by herself this year.

Coming up...Celebrating Easter Part 2...Easter Sunday!!

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shae said...

#1--Matthew looks so old....and so very, very handsome
#2--caroline is lovely as always
#3--the house!!!! fabulous wallpaper in dining room and love, love the backsplash ....cannot wait to see it all
#4--sent you a text...want to know an answer :)
#5--love to you and the fam