Monday, March 26, 2012

Colorado: Part 2

We headed to Winter Park after a fun morning and afternoon in Boulder. The kids were anxious to play after the car ride. Luckily, Cindy and my dad thought to bring toys.
Playing in the condo:

 View from our balcony:
 We traditionally make breakfast burritos before a day out on the slopes.
My dad, showing off his big burrito:

 Caroline did ski school the first day. She did okay, but I'm not sure how much she learned. At least she stuck it out the whole day (6 hours) which was more than we expected her to do. The next few days, Cindy (who used to be a ski instructor) worked with Caroline and she made lots of progress. Cindy is a miracle worker!
 We were so glad the resort had these wagons. They made it easier to get from the car to the slopes with an almost 4 year old and all of our ski gear.

 Throwing snowballs:
Cindy stayed at the condo with Matthew while Caroline was in ski school the first Matt, my dad, and I headed out to ski. It was a beautiful day! Gotta love Spring skiing in the Rockies!
My dad and I have always had a great time skiing together and he's the BEST ski buddy. He never leaves me no matter how slow I go ;-) Don't make fun of our before beauty, of course!

 Matt and I had lots of ski time (just the two of us!) after the first day since Cindy was with Caroline and my dad was at the condo playing with Matthew. It was such a treat, and we felt so fortunate to get so much quality time together, knowing our kiddos were with Grandad and Cici.
God's beautiful handiwork:

Me and my ski date. Love him.
Sometimes, we'd ski over to where Cindy was working with Caroline and spy on them. If Caroline saw us, she would immediately start crying and want to go home. But if she didn't know we were around, she did great with Cindy. Why does it always work like that? Anyway, we snagged some pics undercover (we were able to get pretty close because she couldn't recognize us in our goggles and helmets, ha):

Matthew had fun playing while were were skiing. Give that boy a cup and he's happy:

Apres ski-time was spent in the hot tub everyday. It even snowed on us while we were in there the last day. Gotta love a hot tub in the mountains.

Colorado Part 3 coming up...more skiing and time with my Boulder fam!

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