Thursday, January 26, 2012

Team Soccerellas

Caroline is officially a soccer player...she is on Team Soccerellas :-) Matt and I were hesitant to let her start soccer so young, but we didn't want to pass up an opportunity for Caroline to be on a team with some of her besties. We knew it would be so much fun for her! We had our first practice last Sunday. We love our team and our awesome coaches, Coach Scott and Coach Casey!!


Caroline was very serious about her drills and did such a good job practicing:

However, when it was time to scrimmage, she couldn't be less interested. She decided it was more fun to play Ring Around the Rosie with Lucy instead ;-) Games should be interesting, ha!

Bubs had a great time practicing too. I think he is ready to be on his own team!
Two soccer balls...score!!
Things I learned from our first practice:
***Caroline LOVES soccer so far and has asked to go back to practice every day
***She is so excited to be on a team with her sweet friends
***Bows do NOT belong at soccer practice/games, oops :-)
***We are in MAJOR need of some athletic clothes and shoes
***We can't wait for our first game...go Soccerellas!!

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