Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

We got to ring in the New Year at the Smith's house with some of our favorite people...our Supper Club group! We included the kids and it was a fun, crazy time! We picked up pizza from Coal Vines and had a blast eating, talking for hours and playing Wits and Wagers (such a cool, new game). The kids enjoyed eating, playing & watching a movie.
Caroline & Saylor at one of the kids' tables
Press, James & Mae at the other kids' table
The three "littles": Julia, Gray & Matthew...I have no idea who or what they are looking at in this picture but I love all of their expressions:
Matthew and Gray stayed up very late...7:30 p.m. :-) The other kids made it until 10:30 which was surprising.
Matthew liked Morty, Erica's cat, at little TOO much:

Deep in conversation...I can only imagine what they were talking about. They're both talkers!
A sweet sibling moment
The "bigs" enjoying popsicle time
Saylor couldn't hear the movie with all of the noise the kids were making so she pulled her chair right up to the t.v. Funny girl!
Our Supper Club:
(Top, from left) Jason, Kelly, Amy & Craig
(Bottom, from left) Erica, Matt, me & my Matt :-)
Love these folks!
Thanks for hosting, Smiths! We had so much fun! 

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