Monday, June 6, 2011

Vacation Day 2

Beach day 2 looked a lot like day 1. Here are more of the same pictures:

Matthew decided to join Caroline in her "waves are gonna getcha" game

Caroline repeatedly threw her arms up and yelled, at the top of her lungs, "I love the beach"

The pretty seagulls...Caroline called them woodpeckers the whole time

My two favorite dudes!!

Another long nap, ahhhhhhh

The picture below is Caroline telling me that I may NOT build sandcastles with her :-( She told me I was messing up her perfect castle (when all I was trying to do was teach her how to build one!)

So while Little Miss Independent built her own sand castles...Matt read his book, Matthew slept, and I took pics, swam in the ocean and read my own book. It was quite nice actually :-)

My attempt at some sibling pics:

This pic makes me laugh...they are making the exact same squinty-facial expression. Can you tell they're related??

"Matthew, Matthew, put down that sand right now! Do you hear me?? Matthew! Put down that sand!"

My loves:
Please excuse the huge glob little bit of drool on Matthew's chin
Our fam...smiles all around!

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the bowlin family said...

the picture of caroline looking down with her beautiful curly hair blowing is BEAUTIFUL!! i would make that a poster in my house. looks like another super fun day!!