Friday, March 4, 2011

Tea for Two & Two for Tea

Much to Matt's dismay, Matthew has been attending lots of Caroline's tea parties lately (she has many of them every day :-) Recently, I snapped some pics of a fun partay:
"What am I doing here?!?"
Pouring Matthew some tea
Reaching for his cup
Of course, Baby Ally is always in attendance too!!!

"hmmmm, anyone know what I'm supposed to do with this stuff??"

Caroline kept saying "Drink your tea, Matthew! Matthew! You drink your tea right now!!" When I explained to her that he just isn't big enough to "drink tea" right now she helped her brother out:
Scooping some sugar into my tea cup...I like my tea sweet ;-)
All of the guests minus me
I wonder how long Matthew will participate in Caroline's tea parties? If he does what big sister tells him to do, it will probably be for a long time. Their brother/sister relationship sure is going to be fun to watch!! It's already quite entertaining and Matthew isn't even four months old yet.


Laura said...

LOVE Caroline's baby Ally. Ally is so honored!

Meggan and Trent said...

That is adorable!!!

Alison Treadaway said...

This is sooo cute! My house is the total reverse. Callie knows nothing but cars, parking garages, monster trucks and dump trucks. hahaha... We should switch 2nd borns every now and then to balance them out. :)